Security scheme directly on the lock screen


Is it possible to have the unlocking security scheme directly on the locking screen ?
I just activated the security scheme option but I still have to swipe the lock screen to access the security scheme, to finally open my phone. Is it possible to skip one step and get directly this scheme on the lock screen ?


If you have root access on your phone (so e.g. if you have FP Open OS) you can install the XPosed Module GravityBox, which adds this among very many other cool features.

I have xposed and gravity box, but didn’t find any option which makes only one screen with the time and notifications and the locking scheme.

Well you can’t have both. You’ll need a third party lockscreen.

I was thinking about something like this. Even without notifications it’s ok.

For example Huawei has it by default.

Yes, like I said. Different lockscreen.

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