Secure WhatsApp in an unrooted FP3

I don’t know either because I bought it via Google Play Store, and I don’t want to buy it twice.

Regarding SOCKS proxy, it is an older protocol but it works well. You can think of capabilities as similar as HTTP proxy, but protocol-agnostic.

as @jeroenh posted I contacted and got Info out on the process of getting Pro Features for F-Droid (or Github) Releases.

The principle
The system works on a per-device base with and ID you send in and get a key to enter into your device to activate the functions. You will get the information by an autogenerated email after submitting a contact from with the correct topic. Your purchase will be connected to the email of your payment service, e.g. Paypal. So if something goes wrong, your purchase is not lost.

I found the price very fair and definetly worth it. Every F-Droid user liking the App shoud checking it. I instantly purchased the maximum option. Acutally I even payed a bit more as a donation…

The procedure

Note: only works with F-Droid or Github version

  • On the website select contact/roduct/NetGuard(without PlayStore)
    – Enter your details. Text does not matter really. Mind the catchpa! (needs scripts)
    – You will get the details infos. Select what you want and Pay for it.
  • on your Phone:
    – select NetGuard/Settings/ProFeatures
    – select Settings/Puzzle (or Challenge)
    – Note your device code. Its case sensitive.
  • On the website again select contact/roduct/NetGuard(without PlayStore)
    – select the topic given in the email
    – enter your code (challenge)
    – you will get your key to activate the purchased features.

Note Your acitvation should remain valid with normal updates. It will be lost with a FactoryReset. Then you repeat the challenge procedure and get a different code without the need for a new purchase.

Hope it helps

Sorry, shelter has a problem, so I can not use it.

The idea to put whatsApp int a sandbox is great, but I means that I can not use NetGuard with it. The workspace concept seems to be incompatible to the use of VPN.

NetGuard can not see any Apps in the workspace. I tried cloning NetGuard to the second workspace, but I had to disable the first one to get the second running at all. Without NetGuard Shelter is a great option, especially since you can put links to your normal desktop - so its quite transparent to use.
Its probably great with AFWall+ when the phone is rooted.

Are there any working FOSS WhatsApp applications out there these days?

You mean WhatsApp compatible / interoperable? Then the answer is no.

Yes, like I thought about yowsup or whatever it was called (working as part of libpurple / bitlbee). Seems it is dead. :frowning:

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NetGuard can not see any Apps in the workspace. I tried cloning NetGuard to the second workspace, but I had to disable the first one to get the second running at all.

For me this is not true. I am running WA within the work profile over shelter on my FP3, cloned NetGuard into the work profile and turned NetGuard on in both (so you have 2 NetGuard-Icons in the status bar, hmm). It seems to work as expected.

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This is probably the easiest solution. Always bonus points for a dev that also provides a Google free option.

I just switched from Whatsapp to Threema with a few friends. You have to pay for it (€1,37 when it was on sale right before New Year, otherwise about double) but I think the quality and care is worth it.

I’m not very good with all the tech explanations, but what I can tell you is that they don’t even force you to give up a phone number or e-mail address to use it and chat with someone.
You can add them by inputting their specific randomly generated user code or by scanning their QR code when you meet up IRL.

Hope some people find this interesting.


I run Threema as well – some of my friends use this, some Signal, some Telegram… all are welcome on my phone. WhatsApp isn’t.


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