Secure deletion of FP2

I would like to make a complete and secure deletion of an FP2 that I have with FP Open Os, so that someone else can use it and I wanted you to guide me in this direction. I use Debian on my computer.

Check out the #erasedata guide.


Is it enough doing Factory Data Reset, as this guide says? I’m sure it’s not enough. In addition, the safe erasures of flash memory present some difficulties that I intend to solve with this thread.
On the other hand, does it help to encrypt my phone if I’m going to get rid of it?

The guide says to encrypt your phone, load it with lots of useless data and then do a factory reset.

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Where does the guide say that?

The guide says: Encrypt. And if you can’t encrypt, then do a factory reset* and after that pump the phone memory full of useless junk data to physically overwrite any user data still present in the flash memory.

* which (on the Fairphone 2) deletes all user data and Apps from the file system, but (on any phone) not physically from the flash memory, which the guide describes in its first paragraph.


Which is another reason encryption is important, since even if someone managed to restore the deleted data, the attacker would also need to decrypt that data.

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