Second user black screen


Has someone a second user on is phone ?

I tried to create a second user with my FP2 Open OS but I’ve got only the system menu (upper line of the screen) and the return button in the lover part of the screen everything other is black and nothing react but the power button.
After a long wile a message saying “Setup Wizard reagiert nicht, Möchten Sie die app Schliessen?” ( App doesn’t react would you close it) but nothings helps…
Only the power button helps to come back to the main screen and go back to the first user

I have to confess that i copied all the apps from the FP2 os 1.7.1 to this one FP2 with “CLONEit”

Thanks for the answer if someone has a second user.

This is a known problem with Fairphone Open. If you don’t need the setup wizard, removing it makes users work (but this potentially needs to be done again after every update). See here for details:

Hello Johannes,
Thank you for the fast reply !
I will try the solution, do i need to root the Open OS to delete the file ?

I’m no expert on these matters, you may be better off asking the topic I linked to. If I recall correctly, you can switch root on and off via somewhere in Settings (the Android settings). So FP Open is kind of pre-rooted, but you will need to activate it from somewhere in the options. Hope this helps.

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