Second-hand Fairphones info

I am very interested in buying a Fairphone (2 or 3) due to the fairness of the brand. However, due to the lower price and higher sustainability of second-hand products, I am interested in second-hand ones.
Do you have any advice on where and how it is best to find a second-hand FP2 or FP3? I am already checking the Forum market but I was wondering if there are other chances.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Matteo,

I have an FP3 that I want to sell.
You don’t by any chance live in the Netherlands?
Otherwise int. shipping is probably not quite worth it…


Hi Juliard,

Thank you for your message.
No, the nearest place I can receive is Bavaria. Do you have any idea how much would the shipping cost?


Hey Matteo,

Estimated shipping cost to Munich post office (for reference) would be about €10.
So not unreasonable.

Lmk what you think.


Here’s a reminder to never buy anything without laying eyes on it first. In the case of buying a second hand smartphone, ask for pictures, including a picture of the phone turned on showing today’s date, as well as a picture of a proof of purchase.

I’m not casting any aspersions against anyone here, of course - just laying out common practice when it comes to transactions on this forum.


Of course. You can never be too sure

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Hi Juliard, do u still have the phone? And how many GB? And how mich do you want for it? Is it in good shape or has it damages?
My best friend lives in NL so she could do the buying

Sadly I already sold the phone to Matteo. Have you tried looking around the forum elsewhere?


There is a FP3 to sell here if you are interested:


I am also interested in buying a second hand FP3. Does anyone know where to find one?


Keep an eye on this forum’s unofficial marketplace:


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