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Seems things are moving :smile:

1120 phone delivered to the Netherlands today!

The article is not crystal-clear for me. I got number #18794 (for an order on June 20th). Does it mean that it will take around 18 weeks (end of November) before my phone is shipped?

I don’t hope so. :smile:

Marco stated that around 1.000 to 5.000 Fairphones are coming in every week. Best case will be mid of August, worst case September.



Indeed, I received my phone yesterday.

I guess this isn’t the best place for this;
but you should really consider enhancing/strengthening the air cushion (Inflatable Cellular Cushioning Material).
The material was busted in my parcel and the FP package was free to bump around.
(Should the settings, back, home buttons be illuminated?)

I would be really interested to know: After which date will Fairphones be available directly from stock? Eg. at what date do you expect will be delivered directly from the Netherlands so we can expect shipments within a timeframe of one week?

Hi @aexl the menu, home and back buttons are not illuminated on FairPhone unfortunately.

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Welcome second-batch Fairphone users and enjoy your new phone! :smiley:

Thanks Jerry, Robin.

I’ll pass that feedback on @aexl!

Hi @ben,

You know we don’t like to make wild guesses :wink: I would trust your own educated guess - very earliest estimate would be taking the current number of phones shipped per week, at that rate at what point would the 20,249 ordered Fairphones be reached?

Then add another week or two of the mad rush when people realize it’s almost time for direct sales/shipment to happen…

Last December with the first Fairphone, we had a community member make a projection graph when he thought the phone would sell out. Maybe it’s fun to make one for when it will be sold direct? I’m being a bit cheeky, but you see there’s no exact time for this to announce and you all know almost as much as I do.

What’s your idea when stock will be available in Europe?


Thanks, joe. :smiley:


Nobody from FP team made the projection !? Sorry, but I do not believe it :blush:

I just made it (took me like 24 seconds :blush: ).
With 100 phones sold/day, and 3000 phones shipped/week :
by the 25th of September we would have more than 25 000 phones in the Netherlands, for a little bit less than 24 000 phones sold.

But !
We do not want that ! :smile: Tell everybody about Fairphone ! By tomorrow it has to be 500 phones sold every day ! :smile:


Now it’s in print, so we’ll see how your guess holds in the coming weeks :smile:

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I couldn’t find info about the shipping. I just got a bit confused with the numbers. I’m #20230. When can I expect my phone to be shipped?


Hi Stina,
and welcome !

I’m #20219… I would say end of September, our phone should be shipped and delivered. Beginning of October if shipments go slower. This is just my personal projection.


Anything new about this and next weeks deliveries? :blush:

Can’t wait to have my FP… :wink:




my Ordernumer begins with a 3 (300006102). How long must i wait for my phone ?
I’m waiting “only” since the 4th August.
Must i wait for the Third batch ?

Hi @Jens,

Did you take a look at the blog post about Second Batch Delivery?
Your “queue” number was sent to you in your confirmation e-mail and is completely separate from your invoice or order number. You’ll only find it in the actual e-mail, and not on any other documents (invoice etc.).