Searching FP2 bottom module in NL

What product(s) are you looking for?

FP2 bottom module (my microphone died)

Where would it/they need to be shipped (country or city)?

Netherlands (I will pay the shipping costs of course)

Other, remarks:

I’m glad about any offer since they are out of stock in the official store.

Hi there (not sure what your name is, Holz? :sweat_smile:),

I am waiting for a new bottom module for my FP2, while my old one is still working without any issue. I simply ordered the new bottom module out of curiosity.

Are you interested in my soon-to-be old bottom module?

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I don’t want to spill water into the wine, but you need some parts (loudspeaker and vibrating motor) of an existing module to complete the new USB-C module.

@Incanus I am very glad you did spill water into the wine. Sorry that means no bottom module @holzfaeller15 who I just found out is Kevin :sweat_smile:

I hope someone else can help :crossed_fingers:

You could possibly swap the modules, if his one has just a non working microphone the necessary parts for your new one might still be ok.

@Incanus that sounds like an option although quite a laborious one. I am not discarding it. Why not? But I do not want to set any expectation for @holzfaeller15, I do not have enough experience to promise upfront. I am definitely willing to try if there is no alternative :slight_smile:

Thanks @Incanus and @ctiecher for your replies.

I realised that it is not only the microphone that’s not working but also the vibration motor. Not sure if that means that it’s maybe just the connection to the main module that is faulty? Charging however works without a problem. It’s quite mysterious.

Anyway, Claudio, I guess you don’t want to take that risk?

Kevin :wink:

As it stands now, I will have to tinker once I receive my new bottom module. Tinkering is in itself a risk. If, in the process, I end up with two bottom modules: 1 working + 1 half working I will let you know. Perhaps you can somehow combine two half working bottom module and end up with a working one :smiley:

Also keep an eye here. You may be able to get a partial bottom module, combine it with your current one, and end up with a working one.

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