Searching a display protection that covers the gap between display and frame

Since I dropped my FP3+ into water I realized that the water gets into the gap between display and frame. The silicon protection does not help much in this case. Is there a flexible display protection that covers the whole display even under the silicon protection? I mean no privacy filter, no color filter, just a normal protection?

I doubt that this would not hamper the touchscreen.

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You can try a larger size, maybe for a tablet and cut it to size ???

I doubt that´s feasible. I mean you´d need a tolerance around 0,2 mm.

And there is the question if you can get it under the silicone of the frame and if the touchscreen still works afterwards.

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Do you think of a protection glass? I prefer a protective foil.

Ok. That´s a different issue.
And with the silicone protection you mean the bumper or the 2 mm border around the screen?

To make the FP3 waterproof all around you would need a sealable bag. There are two microphones, the audio port, the USB-C port, the fingerprint sensor and the rear camera (in addition to the front seam that you mentioned and the earspeaker) that all allow water to get inside. If there is no protective case on the FP3, the seam between back cover and main body of the phone comes on top of this, too.


I meant the bumper. But because of

I guess the “covering the gap idea” is dead. Urs, you are a rich source of information. Thanks.

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