Searchin on Fairphone 4 bug



System Inforamtion
phone id: fp4
Build ID: FP4.TP2G.C.0119.20240509
Android version: 13

When is search for a app for example Signal.
it will show up, but when I click on the it will open another app. In my case a app called A code
In other apps it will also happen.
I also tryed to restart but it wont work


Is the Signal app (or the other that is opened instead) on the home screen? If so, try removing it. Then add it again. I make the suggestion because this was a solution for a similar (but not same) problem, where one shortcut on home screen was opening another app.

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No its not on the home screen. Look in the video video

Unfortunately I couldn’t download your file.

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The video shows that its being searched in the app drawer. Signal is found, however the icon seem to greyed out @Jqri ? When Signal is selected another App is opened. I dont know this other app or what it does so any chance to disable this and try then?

This problem is not unique to the Signal app.
It also applies to the “Untis Mobile” app, for example. The funny thing is that sometimes the right app opens, but the wrong one opens again the next time I try. Incidentally, the logo is different because you can set this in the Signal settings. Here is a new link to the video