SDCard, Google Search, Running Apps (Settings)

Sorry my first post is going to be long and ranting. I’ve updated to 6.0 two weeks ago and some things are just bothering me.

SD Card:
I set the sd card as external but now I can’t seem to save anything on it except by manually copying folders from the internal memory to the external with File Manager.
I used to be able to change an app location and savings in App>“App name”>Storage>“save to sd card” but I don’t have the option anymore.
Is there another way to do it that I’m missing?

Google Search:
The search app when pressing home for 2 seconds in lollipop already really annoyed me but now I can’t even change the search engine.
Can I get rid of this search thing?

Running Apps:
In lollipop I used to be able to go to App>Running and check all apps running on my phone and easily spot the ones that I didn’t want and Force Stop them.
Is there a way to see a general view of All Open Apps?

Very sorry again and thank you for reading.

The forum is an ideal place to search for ànd find answers. Use the little magnifying glass in the top right corner, next to the speech balloon and your profile-settings button, and search on SD card, then on Contacts, Google app and Running apps.

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Thank you for the quick reply.
I had apparently looked up my problems in the Android 6.0 category only.
I deleted the part I found an answer to.

Did I perhaps miss another forum post with one of my problems?
Could you please send me a link if so.

Thank you!

Please have another search on sd card and google app.
Perhaps your Running app needs an update. Did you check if your Running app is available on Android 6?

Running app?

I’m talking about the settings mode where you could see all your phone applications that were “running” at any one time. And you could then force close or limit background usage for each individual application or just one part.

Oh, you mean Settings, Apps, Running.
As I am on Fairphone Open OS I don’t have Android 6.
Perhaps somebody else can help you.

Looks like this one is just gone, don’t have it on my FP2 either since 17.05.08.

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