Sd card, write problem


how can i get write access to the sd card. the card is recognized in the ftp2. But the standard app’s don’t
have the possibilty to write to the sd card.
something with root-access? and how does it work.
step by step please, because i don’t know nothing about phone’s



I know, it’s a quite lengthy thread, but I guess, you will find the needed info here:

And some basic information about SD-cards for the FP:

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i don’t get it how to root the phone.
Is there an existing app that can do it

or an easy way to do it ?



Here you go:


i’m not an expert in this.

my pfone has 0s.17.11.2
i din’t see it in the download files

what steps i need to do or isn’t there an app who gives root access ?



I posted a link to the step by step guide above.

The files to download are found at step 1b (you start there).
Then go on with 2a or 2b depending on which computer operating system you have.
After step 3 go to the last step “Make the SDcard writable”. There choose the first option “SDwrite-1)”.

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