SD Card rejected after reset to factory settings


After my FP2 had some bugs with the camera, the gallery and whatsapp, I was happy that the Update 18.01.1 appeared.
Unfortunately, when I tried to update my FP2 the “Fairphone Updater app” broke down, and didn’t work anymore. (tried serval reboots)
So, my final idea was to reset my FP2 to factory settings. I removed my Sim card and the SD-Card, to make sure that I don’t lose any data.

After the reset my FP2 doesn’t accept the SD Card anymore and wants to format it (and delete all the data, of course). I have had formatted it for Fairphone before so I can’t connect it directly to my laptop anymore.
Unfortunately, I have some data on the SD that I haven’t saved separately and which I definitely don’t want to lose!

The problem is that, no device can connect to SD now, so I cannot try to run a “data-rescue-program” on it.

I hope someone has an idea!

Best, Stefan

Did you format the card as adopted (internal) storage or as portable (external) storage?
The first encrypts your SD card using a random key file that is stored on the device and is lost when you perform a factory reset. Android does this by design to keep sensitive data safe in case of theft or loss.
Portable storage should work on other devices (as the name suggests). If you formatted the card this way but it isn’t showing up, then it may still be possible to salvage data.


Thanks Johannes,

I’m not entirely sure, but I think I formatted it “internal” as it doesn’t work on other devices now.

If it is formatted adopted (internal) are the files on the SD definitely lost?

As far as I know, the only currently feasible method involves having a back-up of the encryption key (normally /data/misc/vold). Some backup apps may include the file in their output, so if you have a backup lying around that includes that file, try accessing or restoring that.

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