SD-card problem after 1.6 Cherry update

Had my Fairphone for a week and a half, so far so good!

Except for one issue, that turned up now that i updated to 1.6 Cherry. I get an error message stating “sd-card broken” suggesting that I should format the card. Stupidly enough I didn´t make any backup of the sd-card prior to the update. I´m running Windows XP on my PC, and it can only find the internal memory. As I spent many hours of putting music on to the SD-card and sorting it I´m not really keen to do the same work all over again. Any clue of how or if I can backup the data on the SD-card before formating it?


have you tried to remove the SD card from your Phone and Use an Adapter to read it directly with your PC/Laptop bypassing your Phone?


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I tried that now on my laptop (running on Windows 7) that´s got a SD-reader. But no luck unfortunatly, I get the same error message stating “sd card is damaged and needs to be formatted”.

Guess I´ll have to put the music in over again, or is there any other solution? Will I need to backup the card before doing further upgrades on the Fairphone OS in the future or is this an issue that can be solved by Fairphone on coming upgrades?

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Unfortunately I have no idear, how to make a backup of a dammaged SD card.
So I see no other option as reformating the Card and copy the music again :(.

I found a work-around. This free software called Recuva, which I installed on my laptop running Windows 7. Inserting the micro-sd with an adapter, Recuva found all files on the card and could back them up to my laptop.

I´ll make sure to make a proper backup before I update the Fairphone OS next time :blush: