SD Card no writing permission in FP2

:de: Das klingt ja so, als ob die SD-Karte nur mit einem gerooteten FP2 nutzbar wäre. Ganz so schlimm ist es ja nicht. Alle Apps haben Leserecht für Dateien auf der SD-Karte. Wenn das FP an den PC angeschlossen ist, können Musik, Bilder u.s.w. von dort auf der SD-Karte gespeichert werden und mit dem FP angehört bzw. angeschaut werden. Auf meinem - nicht gerooteten - FP2 kann ich außerdem mit Amaze (vorinstalliert) und dem Total Commander Dateien aus dem internen Speicher auf die SD-Karte verschieben. Beide Apps wollten beim ersten Versuch, etwas auf die SD-Karte zu schreiben, bestätigt haben, dass das erlaubt ist. Ich kann leider nicht mehr genau beschreiben, was da zu tun war. Es war aber selbsterklärend und nicht kompliziert.

Zu beachten ist außerdem, dass SD-Karten, die 64GB oder größer sind, wohl formatiert werden müssen. Bei 32GB ist das nicht nötig.

Nachsatz: Da war @Mac_Marc jetzt schneller. Mein erster Satz bezog sich auf die Antwort von @Irina_Spitznagel.

Jupp, ich war schneller ;-))) ich wollte auch mal was helfen, sonst bekomme ich immer hilft aus dem Forum :wink: Danke euch allen.

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I tried more than one filemanager (“explorer”) including pre-installed amaze app. No writing access. Most people report similiar problems .
Even if reading SD card and limited write access maybe possible sometimes for some people the concept on FP2 for SD cards is another failure to me.

Because I had to root only to know that I have unlimited write access.
However I don’t need any SD card for read access only in my FP2 slot because the internal storage is too limited. The other way is required to unload files from internal storage to external SD card. Therefor unlimited write access is a must have.

If you create a new folder on your SD card with Amaze, a window with instructions will pop up and following them, you’ll be able to give writing access to Amaze.


I am not grumbling or fussing when I write that I didnot get a window with instructions. I see that it maybe was a mistake not to contact support first. I read this forum and I found clear advice to root my phone. Other question : Do you think a simple manual officially distributed with delivery of every phone was required ?

Hi dib0,
I get an error when I try to push the file. What could that be?

You’re still logged in to the FP. You need yet another exit to return to your PC. Then you can push the file

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You mean like this? Doesn’t work either

Hmm, guess you should first copy it somewhere where you can write as non privileged user, I.e. /storage/sdcard0/ and then go back with adb shell, become root and then you can copy out to the final destination. A bit uncomfortable, but should work this way. Don’t forget to remount /system to after that…

remount you mean

adb shell
mount -o rw,remount /system

That didn’t work for me. I don’t have access to my SD card anymore at all.

I moved the file to the correct location with Amaze
Then I did the code above but it didn’t change anything. After rebooting my phone I don’t have any access to any external storage anymore

No, I meant remount, ro for getting it write protected again, which does not matter, as one has to reboot anyway.
My SD card sometimes doesn’t show up after a reboot. Solution is to shut down and boot again… Don’t know why

I managed to flash the original FP OS

Early in this thread “fp1_wo_sw_updates” wrote:

If that doesn’t help you try the workaround for the privacy impact.

After FP2OS Update 1.2.8 on my FP2 there exist a new thread especially with Writing SD Card on OTG USB (e.g. includes usb otg mounting)

My intention on various longer excerpts of my exercises especially after rooting my device after upgrading deals with writing on SD card but only for beeing asked before. This follows exactly the policy of android 5.1 (google) . While before upgrading nothing could help (me) to show the menu dialog for this policy with original amaze file explorer ( - FP2 ticket did not solve and other file explorer had no chance to write - ) then the upgrade works with my FP2 as it did before with many other people. However after upgrade the mounting disappeared due to FP new default entry in the PC-USB connection menue. (can be switched back with a PC-USB connect)

Finally I am using a re-rooted FP2 but without modified permissions.xml file (adb patch). Now I am asked by the SU-root app (F-Droid) every time before write access is requested. And now I am using Ghost-Commander (file explorer) while original amaze-app fails to write most of the time.

After 1.2.8 upgrade, and re-root, I did modify permissions.xml and had to reboot for this modification to apply.

Regarding Ghost-Commander, if your path want closer to the ‘/’ than ‘/data’, it will continuously prompt you for root access (and I wont report the problem through their sourceforge). But if you use the menu to get back to the home-page and then directly go to “external storage”, you won’t be prompted for root access anymore (providing you modified your permissions.xml and rebooted).

I knew that I could avoid beeing asked. However I already stated that I now rather like to be asked :slight_smile:

I have same problem, both for saving apps and even having the option to store photos on the SD card (is it because it’s a 64gb micro SD?).
I downloaded the suggested app but it reached the red warning screen saying it needed root access and I dont begin to understand how to figure out how to deal with the root…

Please, how does one get this this root thing you speak of?

Have a look at this:

An easier way to get root is to install FP OSOS which is currently being tested: