SD card: Music can be seen but won't play

Hi everyone,

I’ve read other threads about SD storage but don’t think they are having exactly this problem. Basically I am loading music onto my SD card and both play music and poweramp can see the albums, but when I press play the vast majority won’t play. The exact same files do play if put onto the FP2’s internal memory. Anyone have an idea about why this is or having similar problems?



Maybe for some reason the players need a writing permission for you SD card.

Have look if there’s an option to switch off that may require such a permission.

My phone is rooted and I set a general writing permission to all apps, so I can’t reproduce this problem, but I think the payer VLC worked before I set that permission.

Maybe you could try VLC (Google Play or f-droid) .

Thanks Irina, I have given the app writing permission but will try vlc instead and see if I have more luck….

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Unfortunately I’m having the same problem with VLC too, apart from worse, its struggling to even find files on my internal directory! I’ll try some further ideas in the morning, if any one has any.

Thanks very much for your response late on a friday nonetheless :slight_smile:


Aha, just realised that files the same size as the music ones which won’t play end up in the LOST.DIR folder when looking at the SD card on android transfer, any idea why that might be?

As you can tell I’m not techy at all…this is my first venture out of macworld in a decade also :wink:

Looks like a filesystem error. Check the sd-card with your PC.