SD-Card is "broken" after Update to Kola Nut 1.8.7; FP1U

My first problem was, that the SD-Card had been erased after the update. Unfortunately I didn´t made a backup. Therefore it was really annoying but with a recovery programm I could recover most of the important data… But that isn´t such a big deal.
Since the update, I have 0KB data with wired names on it…

Now I tried to save music and other stuff on my SD-Card. The first time was no real problem, but after disconnecting the OS told me, that the SD-Card is broken and should be formated. I did it, restarted the Fairphone and ironically the data were still there and the music player found the music data.
The next time I connected the Fairphone with my computer, my computer didn´t found the SD-Card/Fairphone. After a second try, my notebook informed, that the device should be checked, but Windows couldn´t finished the check. After disconnecting, Fairphone told me once again, that the SD-Card is broken.
I am unable to use the SD-Card as primary storage and the camera can´t save pics on the SD-Card.
I use an 8GB SD-Card. I couldn´t try another SD-Card to this point of time, but I can´t understand it, I mean, all the time before the Update I had no problem with the SD-Card…

Anyone else who has got such a problem? Anyone who has got some advice?

Is it a new “brand” SD card? SD cards can be crappy. Best try again with another SD card. Normally updating your phone should not affect your SD card. Maybe someone can suggest a useful SD card testing tool for your OS.


OK, I suppose you formatted the SD card using your Fairphone? Best would be to insert it into a card reader, connect it to your PC and format it using Windows. If you don’t own a card reader, try to format the SD card using another phone.

PS: tbh I think that data recovery program messed up your SD card.
PPS: It might be that the SD card is faulty, then you can’t do anything about it, but buy another one (and crack the old one open and enjoy to look at the inside of an SD card :wink: ).