SD card extend storage

I am dealing with a problem concerning my new SD card to increase the storage space on my phone.
After i used the copying function to transfer my pictures to the SD card, the phones gallery flipped and my pictures are now mixed up and unsorted.
I already read through a few articles within this forum but couldn’t see anyone else expieriencing that issue.
Do you happen to have an idea, to visualise the pictures which are specifically on the SD card in the gallery, a pathway to regenerate a properly ordered gallery, plus the function to delete the pictures from my actual storage to properly generate storage space again?
If it’s possible to immediately save the pictures on the sd card, it would be perfect, although i doubt that works with the standard camera installed.

FP2 Android 7

Hello and welcome to this forum.

How are you using your SD card.
Since you wrote, that it’s to increase the storage space on your phone.
Is it used as external memory or did you opt for extending the phone memory?
When you moved your pictures onto the SD-card. Did you do so via your computer? Was the SD-card as storage visible beside the phone storage? Than it’s external.

Using it as internal space is not advisable, as it comes with quite a few possible problems.
Only one of them being, that a failure of the card can result in a total breakdown of the phone. And switching the card ain’t that easy anymore as well.

Yes it’s external, the SD card is shown as a seperate ‘mobile storage’ space. I could copy the pictures to the SD card on my phone, within the setting system.
As moving wasn’t an option, i planned to simply delete the files from the internal memory, as long as they are accessible on the SD card. Now they are halfway copied and mixed up with the internal storage pictures, therefore my plan yet hasn’t worked out that well.

I can advise you Simple Gallery Pro from F-Droid. It works really well, orders the photos quite good and you can choose to add custom paths to custom folders.

I would believe it is possible in the settings of the camera app, though I don’t have a FP2 under FPOS handy to test.

If the photos you want to order are mixed up in the same folder, I guess it’s going to be hard… Otherwise, just open the default camera folder of your internal storage in a file manager, you should find the photos here, same for the SD-card (in the DCIM folder), and be able to delete them.


Maybe the mix-up is caused by the filenames?
Usually pictures are numbered by default. And that can result in mixing pictures up.
E.g. one camera is assigning 6-digit number (000100; 000101 …) and the other is creating 5-digit numbers (00100; 00101 …).
When being in the same directory, they will be ordered in a mixed way: 000100; 00100; 000101; 00101; …)
Such a kind of mixup can be prevented, when renaming the files (e.g. adding a letter in front of the files from one cam. (Of course feasibility depends on how many pictures you want to rename.)

Btw: I do use Simple Gallery as well. :+1:


Had I read this about the SD Card when I tried years ago. SD card never worked in my FP2. It did not make a difference external or expanding. Now, I changed to an s10, as my memory reached its limit and my FP2 wasn’t working good anymore. So tired of bugs and problems. Heating, Battery running out, Wi-Fi not logging in, etc.
Happy I supported FP, but I need a rest of working arounds

I really feel for you and can understand your frustration and the decision to buy another phone.

The FP2 was (and still is) - in a lot of cases - an extremely buggy phone. It has taken modularity a step too far with the click/snap on design of the cover and the display. At the same time being very flexible, this lead to loss of contact between the modules and of course lots of stress for the materials, making the modules prone to break.

They have fixed that design-troubles with the FP3(+) completely. The phone is sturdy instead of flexible. The display is fixed with 13 screws instead of two plastic locks and the modules are more rigid as well.
And now they have run into troubles with the Android 10 update as it seems for more users than they surely would have expected.

This - for me - shows, that making phones is not trivial in any way.
And taking on so many tasks regarding materials and the production as well as the hard- and software (they are actually bringing Android 9 to the FP2 and the Fairphone Open OS Android 9 will follow), doesn’t make it any easier.

But as I perceive it, every phone was an improvement from the last one, so they are still on their way. Though the FP3 already is a reliable “partner” for me and my needs.

Maybe keep an eye on Fairphone and what they achieve and you will come back. Or maybe - even better - other manufacturers will follow the lead. :wink:


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