Screen turns off when phone placed on table

Today I received a brand new FP2 (previous broke and was out of warranty). Was very excited… but seem to have a problem already. The screen turns black with the slightest of knocks, but OS thinks it is still on as when I press the power button it makes the clicking sound to signify screen is turning off. I swapped the screen with a spare one and the same happens. I can only think its a mainboard issue, or a software issue with the proximity sensor maybe. Any ideas? Otherwise I’ll just have to return it, because its already driving me mad and I only got it out of the box a few hours ago. FYI the problem happened before and after updating to latest software.

Appreciate the help all! Thanks

It sounds a lot like there is a contact issue between core and display module. Given you seem to have just bought a new FP2, contacting Fairphone Support about this seems the most appropriate next step in my eyes. Everything else I could think of would meddle with the warranty.

To rule out anything else, you can calibrate the proximity sensor:
Settings > Maintenance > Proximity Sensor


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