Screen suddenly turned black though battery is full

Hello everybody,
I hope I am not posting on a topic that has been previously answered. I looked around and tested different solutions brought by the users, but none of them seems to work.:crystal_ball:
Here is my problem :

A couple of days ago my FP2 turned black - but not off - though it was charged (around 80%)
I have tried to turn it off, reinstalled the battery and sim card an dissembled/clean/reassemble the screen.
I did it several times to make sure I had assembled everything back in order, but nothing will do.

I plugged my phone to all the chargers I own (iphone, Nexus, Omenex) always careful about the power specks. It went yellow, then flickering red, red and now steady yellow.
During the process the screen would sometime show light (dark), some other time the opening screen (Fairphone, Powered by Android), or a black screen with a large line of white dots and even ounce the Bugdroid with a :exclamation: warning sign popping out of is open belly (then pitch black again).

Now the phone really does’t react to any stimulation, the pulse is low (black screen), it would utter sounds from time to time (notification alert ?). Can any body help me reanimate my FP2 ? Please ?

Thank you !!


PS : that little fellow is my third FP2 :bangbang::bangbang:, the previous ones had to go back to FP’s hospital but nobody was able to save them. Though the Docs where very nice there, I don’t want to be away from my phone anymore and most of all I don’t want to lose this one too - I am a responsable and concerned owner and I take good care of my FP.

Hey, I’m very sorry you haven’t received an answer so far!
Can you actively get to the resting robot screen (recovery mode power+volume up) to perform a hard reset( :warning: deletes everything)?

Another thing that comes to my mind since it’s your 3rd FP2 already: Since FP2 can “kill” some SIM cards maybe it could also work the other way around? Have you used the same SIM card with all your FP2s? How old is the SIM?

Did you have the same problems with all 3 FP2s?

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Thank you for answering, I was away and could not take care of my FP2 those past days.

I did push Power +vol up several times, absolutely nothing happens on the screen.
I have used the same SIM card for each of my FP2.

I had an answer from Fairphone support. Asking me to :

  • try again with a new cable : I have tried at least 4 or 5 different cables !!
  • instal Android File Transfer driver to reboot the phone while connecting it to my Mac Book Pro : FP2 doesn’t connect
  • try it with a PC : it’s all the same

Any other idea ?


I have exactly the same problem. I’m traveling in Mozambique, using 2 simcards. The last 'real action’was that i copied some photos on my laptop using a cable. Thereafter I took the cable out (if I remember well after I switched oof the computer); can’t remember any warnings and closing the open files; but I was in a hurry as I was called to join dinner).
In having tried the reboot (on/off and Volume for 13 seconds) the entry of Fairphone shows up (black white/frozen; or a colour pixel screen).Some cases it runs a bit further, once till I could try to fill in my simcard code, but then after 4 seconds of attenpts, the screen turned black. Another time it started to update all my apps with a blinking screen.
By the way, my FP2 did show other strange features before, especially with the camera and by calling (very sensitive for touch).

I tried once more. First battery out; then in. Thereafter directly in ‘reboot’ mode (buttons ‘on/off’ and ‘volume’). After the initial screen I got the warning with the small yellow engine with text about reboot.
Then I too again on/off button an there appeard a mini screen with microletters. I accepted the first commend by again pressing the on/off button.
Then it started to update my apps (I think this was possible while being in wifi mode; as I had switched off the data mode of my simcards while being in Mozambique. WiFi is very slow, although This was completed and I got a tune, while my screen went black again. First attempt after 15 sec with on/off did not work; but second attempt after another 15 secwas successful!!
Battery was almost finished.
Everything was there!
Then I put the phone off. And after a minute ‘on’ and the problem started again (pixel screen etc). But now the small reboot appeared quickly with the message at the bottom: 'can’t open dev/platform…/
I did on/off again two times; and with some miracles and long waiting in black; my phone is up and running. But I will not switch it off for the time being.
Hope this helps.

I had the same problem; I reseted my phone now it’s working, but that’s very ennoying, to have to reset my phone because a bug…

Well I am not against the idea of resetting if thy could help. Problem is
that even with the the Fairphone recommended softwear, my phone doesn’t
seems to be recognize by the computer (or seems to be empty already).
The real issue persists : screen remains black

Once more,from my experience I think you need to start from a full battery and check whether your phone is still able to reach data from outside/communicate with the outside world.
I had locked data use for my SIMs, because I was abroad and I wanted to control that
I had enabled data use from WiFi, but that only works if the phone had already accepted the wifi network in reach and had guarded the log-in
So when returning to the known WiFi network I was able to do the reboot, although nt straight forward…
Otherwise, it really needs a ‘repair’, I think.

Their is two little problems : first we can decrease luminosity at 0 and the problem will be the same. We need to be very careful. Then I can’t root my phone using the method given here : it’s flashing the file (IMG) and reboots without problems but them there is no super su app (I flash IMG with su) and the phone isn’t rooted…
But I suppose the most important is that I can use the phone…
P.S. this message was flagged, do you know why?

Dear p3rl

You write you have same problem with the third FP2 while both ancestors of your FP2 already have been returned by FP-Inc., right ? Did you compare the serial numbers of each phone ? You find them on the internal case on the side bar … or on the papers during return of some of your FP2s. This tells me that you may have received your first FP2 delivery maybe already in april maybe even much earlier which I don’t know.

My biggest concern is about the fact that I find your first appearance on this forum only after the 2nd return e.g. of your 3rd FP2 phone. It is absolutely right how you first and directly contacted FP support. It is even a very good sign to read how you received 2 times (!) FP2 phones maybe in a short period after first delivery of your first FP2. Now I simply assess how you found your way into this forum after the 3rd FP2 phone doesnot work any more. This is quite unusual because due to the fact that the FP support response time is usually much longer and there is simply no other choice for most customers to contact this forum first before they get into first contact with FP support team. I hope you don’t mind my questions but your case is really unusual in several ways.

Although you write that the FP support team couldnot save your FP2 maybe you are not unsatisfied with the FP2 support team. Because they returned 2 times FP2 phones before you could even start your first research on this forum .



Just to add one more item on this stream of frustration with sudden black screens with FP2: it happens to me daily, and it is getting on my nerves. I have to reboot it every time.

It happens to me using the the phone app (can not hang up - and yes, I have cleaned the sensor), and also just when the phone is not in use, though battery level is above 50%.

Fairphone support team> please add this bug to your to-do list for the next update of the OS. At least, find a workaround until you find the bug.

Thanks in advance.

Hi anon9595190,
Thank you for your message

I sorry to answer so lately to your message.
I am not sure I understand the goal of your questions.
I was never a forum user. (I mean in general). So, my first reflex when facing a technical issue is to contact FP support and I was always very satisfied by there professionnalisme !
I guess I was lucky when I first encountered problems with my phone that they were able to answer my calls and react quickly.
The 3 phones that I received had different serial numbers. And modtly different technical problems… though some of them can be redondant (the screen freezing, or being cut in a middle of a call for example)

Today I am facing new problems with my phone… and I have already spent a few hours this morning trying to find solutions on the forum (now that I am a bit more familiar with it)… but with now success. I am afraid I will have to get in touch with the support service again…


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