Screen size bigger?


I am very interested to buy a smartphone “ethic” but I need one with at least a 5.7 inch, because I use it also to take pictures, to navigate (gps), to write notes, and I begin to be old :frowning:.
Is there a plan into Fairphone to develop such hardware?
It will be great (at least for me :))

I don’t think the FP2 will have a much bigger screen (at least not 5.7"). I think its screen is going to be smaller than 5".

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I am also pretty sure that around 5" will be the limit for the next Fairphone. Given there is a choice i have nothing against a larger phone as long the smaller on is still offered.
Maybe with FP3 or FP4, there could be options. I think it depends on the success and future goals of Fairphone :-).

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It seems that you are right, and I understand that is difficult for them to create a lot of different model, but I can’t buy another smartphone just to support them :wink:
Or perhaps to offer …

Take part in the poll ! :slight_smile:

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