Screen Rolling Issues

I have been having major issues with my phone today. First the screen became jumbled and displayed the image twice but squashed. Then there was a period of a couple of hours where the screen would not come on, there was a backing light but the screen remained black. I have managed to get it to come on again, and have restored factory settings in the hope this would resolve the issues but it is still having issues with the screen rolling so the top goes to the bottom and slowly rolls up. There has also been points with static appearing on the screen.

In my attempts to resolve this I have taken the battery out, taken sims out, and held down the volumn and power, held down the power without battery being in it and finally completed a factory reset. Does anyone know of anything else that may help resolve these issues

Many thanks in advance

If I were you I would get into contact with the Fairphone support team.
This seems to be a hardware issue to me.


Thanks, I was thinking that but hoping not as I was hoping to get it sorted sooner than Monday.
Thanks again!

Do you also see this behavior in factory mode (volume up + power button)? You could do the Touchscreen test.

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the further comment. I did not notice a a message coming through until today. It seems to have corrected itself for the most part, just playing up on occasion. I can complete the touch screen test at the moment. I will call the tech team for their advice.

Many thanks

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Please post back when you know more. :wink: