Screen responsiveness / typing

I use my phone for work a lot, which means typing a lot of emails and messages.

I’ve noticed compared to other devices that the screen seems less sensitive, particularly in that it misses the space key a lot. I have to type a lot slower and still have more mistakes. This is really causing problems when I’m busy.

Has anyone had similar issues? I’ve tried multiple keyboards with the same issue. I’m using the stock one now.


Do you use some kind of screen protection (glass or foil)?

No, just as the phone arrived.

Did you check this thread?

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Thanks @Alex.A, I’m sorry I missed that thread. At least I can see other people with the issue.

I had a look at the app you linked too, but it seems to have a lot of 1 star reviews, which makes me very unsure on it working.


I think I had the same problem when I first got the phone, but I no longer notice it. How long have you had your phone? Might it be a matter of getting used to it, or do you think it’s a genuine issue? In case of the latter, you might want to report it with customer support. Alternatively, have you tried swiping instead of typing?

Thanks for the reply, @Linn. I’ve had the phone for about a month. How long did it take to get used to?

I had thought it was normal, but I do have problems pressing the bottom corners of the screen (i.e. to move an icon) and the odd unrecognised tap, so maybe it is.

Swiping doesn’t really work for me as I type a lot of technical terms, so I prefer using the keys.

I tried this tool to check the touch response and it seemed to find something interesting:

If I tap alternately with my left and right thumbs in a vertical line, the screen seems to detect a point in the middle creating this “H” pattern. This is despite me typing alternately very deliberately. I guess this could be the problem for typing.

Could someone see if they can reproduce this?

I’ve included the screenshots below although it’s a bit hard to see the white pixels. It’s very obvious if it’s happening in the app.

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Tried the same, no H pattern with me. Typed slow, then fast, then almost simultaneously, but the dots stayed in line.

Not sure how much you can see on this screenshot, but here’s mine:


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Thanks @swhcz! If you don’t mind, what happens if you tap closer together? The issue seems to occur when I tap close together (like you might do whilst typing).

You’re welcome!!

Here’s a little closer:

But: once my thumbs started touching each other, I saw some links:


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Thanks again, @swhcz. It looks like the screen sensitivity is consistent between our devices. How do you find the typing experience?

Agree, thought the same once I saw the same pattern on my test as it was on yours.

On a phone I’m not exactly a fast typer (though an impatient one :slight_smile: ), my issues with typing are more Wurstfinger™-related, there’s a few keys I often miss by one. Nothing FP-specific, though, have the same on anything with less than 105 keys…

So, comparing the two phones I’m using regularly (an S7 from Samsung and the FP3, and, if memory serves, my old FP2), I’d say there isn’t much of a difference for me, really.



Thanks again, @swhcz. I really appreciate your feedback.

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