Screen problem / Processor problem ? [FP3]


I recently have a problem on my FairPhone 3, which makes it unusable.
The symptoms are :

  • it takes a VERY long time to start the phone (like if the processor was dying),
  • unlocking SIM card takes an eternity (again, huge lags when typing my PIN code),
  • and after unlocking the SIM, the screen cannot display properly : it starts displaying for 0.1s, then shutdowns, and goes again for 0.1s, etc.
    What do you think might be the cause of the problem ?
    Any suggestions of what can I do to solve it ?
    In any case, can someone tell me how to save the data i have on my FP3, without having access to it. At the moment, it is impossible for me to configure a connection between my FP3 and my computer, because it is in charging mode by default.
    Many thanks for any kind of help.
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  • Reassemble after cleaning the module contacts if out of warranty
  • Do you know if you have an SD card formatted as Internal
  • Have you tried a safe mode start :- see post below
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Hi amoun,
Thank you for your quick answer.
I am not using any SD card, so I guess i’m not concerned about “point 2”.
Safe mode start seems not working.
(EDIT : safe mode is working but i have the same issue, and it is really hard to see what is printed on the screen since it displays only for a very short time)
Last option seems to be reassembling it. I’ll try that later on.
Any suggestions on how can I save my data ?

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Not if you cannot get adb to work, hopefully someone will have ‘some’ ideas :crossed_fingers:

Thank you Amoun.
I’ill be back when i will have reassembled my FP3.
See ya

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Hi again,
I have tried reassembling my FP3. One of the screws was impossible to remove, so I couldnt remove the screen entirely.
After reassembling everything, the screen is not working anymore.
It seems that the phone is still working, so the main problem seems to be the screen or the connector of the screen.

Yes it sounds like the display to main board contacts.

To be careful not to burr the cut in the screw head it can require a lot of pressure so the screw driver doesn’t slip.

Once the head cut is damages i.e. rounded there are a few ways to get a grip

  • laying a rubber band between the driver and screw allows for good friction

  • Use a very sharp edged simple screwdriver that can be dug into the head with pressure.

  • in a worse case take to a phone repair shop for someone with better skills and equipment.

Also …


hi Solkanar ! I have the exact same problem with my FP3 (the combination of 0,1 second long blinks and extra-low processing is driving me crazy !). I am very interested with the conclusion of your attempts to solve it, to begin with I am gonna rebuild it as well :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community Forum :slight_smile:

How full is your storage? (Check Settings > Storage) I’d keep it under 80%.

Hi everyone.
Here are some news of my fairphone 3 (i can see some people are interested !).
Here is what I’ve done:
1/ After removing all screws except one (can’t be removed), and reassembling it, the screen of the phone wasn’t working at all, but the phone was working.
2/ I removed the SIM card from slot 1 to place it in another old phone.
3/ I left the phone ON one day to let it perform some kind of updates.
4/ One week later, i tried to put the SIM card into the slot 2.
And surprisingly… The phone is working.

Its hard to know what was the main problem. I would bet it was the connectors of the screen, or some kind of update of Android.

@urs_lesse yeah, the storage of my phone is quite full. Maybe it can cause some software problems.


How full?, but it is more likely to impact many apps that stop the screen.
Replacing the SIM may just have enabled a contact
When you replaced the screws I hope you tightened those around the connector first

The storage is 81% full.
I didnt replaced any screw. I just removed all of them except one, and put them again. But yeah, maybe I tightened them more efficiently than before.

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