Screen loose, how to repair?

After I accidentily dropped my FP3 flat on the floor (again…) the screen came loose. It doesn’t seem like the official way to take apart the screen… there is no way to click the screen back in place or something. Any ideas on how to resolve this? By the way: apart from a loose screen the phone itself and the screen still functions okay.


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Unfortunately it seems clear that your display module has been split. Your photo still shows part of it remaining attached to the rest of the phone while the actual display part is separated (not completely though) from it.

Now Fairphone Support would probably advise you to buy and insert a new display module, but I would first – with utmost care – try to remove the complete display module following the iFixit instructions. Spend extra attention to letting the connections inside it survive. What iFixit’s instructions sometimes leave out is that you need to remove the bumper first (usually you push it off towards the display front side of the phone).

If that works, you can look further and see if there is any way you can “re-unite” the parts of the display module in a proper way.


Be careful with instructions or videos, as before your Fairphone 3 there came a Fairphone 1 and a Fairphone 2, and there are instructions and videos for them, too.

The display module of the Fairphone 2 could be disassembled and reassembled without any tools just with sliding switches and pushing the display gently. The kind of connections needed to make this possible didn’t prove to be 100% reliable for everybody over time, so this type of connection was not adopted into the Fairphone 3, and we’re back to screws.

Here’s a video:

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Thank you so much. I could consider buying a replacement screen module but will indeed try to fix it first. I am not sure although if i really need to remove the complete display module (with the risk of damaging something). Right now, I can reach the parts that used to keep the screen in place (with adhesive, i guess). Maybe if I carefully put some fast glue on there and push the screen back in place? I have to make sure that I won’t be left with some room between the screen and the rest of the module. You don’t want dirt to get in. Or do you really feel like I should remove the screen module for whatever reason?

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Well, it’s hard to say for anyone who doesn’t see it with her or his own eyes :wink: As you can read on the side of the phone (and on the side of the bumper), the FP3 is “Designed to Open”.

The (complete) display module and the rest of the phone are connected by a total of 13 screws. In your position I would want to check/make sure none of these were simply ripped out when the display module split.

In any case, remove the bumper before you do anything else. I think the display module needs to hold together even when the bumper is not on – if it does not, it will collect dust and dirt inside continuously.


Thanks. I will take your advice, remove the bumper and open the FP3 to check and see if anything else came apart. I will let you know.

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I succesfully opened it up, all was okay, and than used some glue to put the screen back in place. I think it will last, and I can always decide to replace the display module if the screen will come loose again. Thanks a lot.


Hi, I have the same problem now. Could you explain how exactly you managed to repair the phone? Did the screen come off when you took the skrews out? Which parts did you glue together? Which kind of glue did you use?

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The screen module indeed comes off when you take the screws out. But with my phone, it was the inside of the screen module that split. Therefor taking the screws out wasn’t needed for the repair itself. Instead I put some glue on the upper and lower inside of the screen module and carefully placed glue clamps to let the glue get solid. However: after a couple of weeks the screen came off again. So I decided to buy a brand new module. I think that I didn’t use the proper glue, with the right glue it could work. I used Bison Glue Stick. So maybe you could look for something stronger.


Thank you so much for your reply! I think now I finally understand what’s wrong with my phone.


im having the same problem

seems like, you should use e8000 glue

I’m having the same problem, only not as severe. I only noticed the broken display module because a hair got sick behind the screen. I thought it was between the screen and the protector bit it wasn’t. :rofl:

I’m not sure if it is safer to leave it as it is and have the bumper protect my phone or put some super glue at the top.
Any suggestions?