Screen loose connection / little shield by screen connection (Fairphone 2)


After having my phone in my back pocket and sitting on a rock or something, my screen began to have a loose connection, meaning sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t, sometimes it’s mirrored, sometimes it’s negative or it’s flickering, and sometimes I can like hit or shake until it works.

I have tried to dismantle the phone and found out the little shield where the screen module connects was loose. I tried put it back, duck tape it, and other stuff - the screen continue to work/not work/hit the phone/shake it/Hope, pray, curse - it works again …

Question = new screen module or how to fix the shield?

I added “Fairphone 2” to the topic title for now because you are speaking about modules. Can you confirm that you are talking about a Fairphone 2?

Correct, sorry, it’s fairphone 2



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