Screen lock during phone calls?

Hi! I am new to the community, and have been using the FP2 for about a month.

When I am on a call, my face will browse through different options selecting things, opening pages, and about 50% of the time, hangs up while I’m speaking, sometimes because it selects airplane mode so it drops the call immediately, other times, I don’t know why or how–maybe my face hits the red hang up button. I’ve never had this problem with a phone before. I’ve tried holding the FP close to my ear but far from my mouth, but that doesn’t always work (and is not comfortable).

I would love to find a way to lock the screen during phone calls–does this option exist? Any other suggestions???



The first thing you can do is to adjust the proximity sensor at Settings > Maintenance > Proximity Sensor. Generally, always check first. :slight_smile:


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