Screen is moving and jumping around and changing the scale

That’s because I couldn’t update. I am stuck with my F2P and FP support didn’t/couldn’t help until now.

Why should FP support help you with updating LineageOS? :thinking:

can we help? Have you tried downloading the update file and installing it yourself in TWRP?

Where does he say the problem is LineageOS?
Could be hardware trouble …

@Heiner quoted my post in the “LineageOS download challenge” topic. Where does he say that the problem isn’t LineageOS? :wink:

Seriously, I’m moving the posts above to a place that fits better.

Edit: @AnotherElk Can I “put you in charge” of this topic? If a new topic is not appropriate, please move the posts to an existing topic.

Fair point, I somehow linked the necessity of sending a video to support to the current problem and to more likely hardware than software, but in both cases that’s just guessing on my part, you could be right as well :wink: .

@Heiner What’s the problem? Don’t leave us hanging here :slight_smile:

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No, it doesn’t have to do with Lineage, I suppose. Probably it is a hardware issue. I have send a video link to the FP support, but they even didn’t confirm, that they have received the link. I put it here, so that everybody can have a look to the problem:

I am not experienced with dropbox, therefor I even don’t know, whether my link does work.
The problem with my FP2 is, that the screen is moving and jumping around and changing the scale, that I hardly can put in any input at it.
At the other side I can boot into TWRP and there it works as usual.

My next plan is to delete the system and install it anew from scratch. At this I also delete all my personal data from the phone to prepare sending it in for repair.
I will report, whether I am successful with that.

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I changed the topic title to reflect the actual problem, as you still could update LineageOS via TWRP with your screen working in TWRP.
I do that all the time.

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I watched the video now, and it seems to me like crazy touch input …

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Thank you @AnotherElk! Now I know the link does work!
My battery seems to be o.k., I also cleaned the contacts and calibrated the proximity sensor.
Meanwhile I also have difficulties to act within TWRP. So I suppose, it is a hardware defect, probably it has to do with the screen module. Unfortunately I don’t have another screen to test this. I’ll call the support tomorrow again (4th time relating to this issue).

Update: Today, six days after sending the video I called the support. They didn’t have a look at it, but did it now, confirmed a screen issue and promised me to get a new one within two weeks.

Maybe a topic to discuss on a meeting of Fairphone Angels Hamburg: 🇩🇪 Treffen in Hamburg für alle Fairphoner, or maybe in a private meeting to have more time to see this.

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