Screen input issues - replacement display unit?

My phone fell off my desk awhile back and I initially had a lot of issues with screen input afterwards - the screen can be hyper-sensitive now (typing “t” once will input “tttttttttttttt”, for example), whereas when performing other tasks, scrolling in particular, it can be completely unresponsive.

The issue stopped after awhile (after a patch, so I thought it may have been a coincidence), but it’s acting up again the past few weeks (issue is intermittent).

I haven’t opened the phone itself up to inspect for physical damage (will probably give that a try today), but I’m wondering if this is indeed a hardware issue (which it looks like), is a new display unit likely to fix it, in the sense is that where screen input is, rather than lower down in the phone?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I always recommend to first have a look at the seam (on the SLIM sides of the phone) between the display module and the main body of the phone. If you spot any gaps there, carefully press together the phone at these points to close the gaps.

If this doesn’t help, you can still fully open the phone and put the display back into place afterwards.


Very good point, and there’s definitely a bit more of a gap since the fall. Thanks.


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