Screen goes bananas for seemingly no reason

Hi all,
previously, do not remember if it was before the last or second to last update (probably the latter), my FP2 got into the habit of flickering the screen and turning all sorts of things on, like settings for different things. It stopped, but has now started again, and it does not seem to be caused by any specific app. It happens both when plugged and unplogged, and I do not think it has to do with static electricity. Only thing that helps temporarily is removing the battery (it often cannot even be shut down normally).
I just changed the “press and hold” in Settings from short to medium, but it would still be appreciated if the screen problems was better noticed by the developers.

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According to the official troubleshooting tool here is what you should try:

  • disassemble the screen and clean the connectors
  • update your phone (you can do it manually even if the screen doesn’t work.
  • and adjust touch and hold delay as you already did

If none of that works contact support with this info:

Subject: “Ghost touches”
Description: “My display suffers from unintentional touch inputs, or “ghost touches”. I confirm that my shipping address is correct.
Please see attached the sample video and advise how to proceed further.”
your order number
your phone’s IMEI
attach a video of your Fairphone 2 suffering from ghost touches

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