Screen glitching

Hi there,

I received my FP3 earlier this week, and have finally activated it yesterday (hooray!).

I’m generally really loving it, but the screen occasionally glitches - pixelates with pink/red tinge. It goes away very quickly, but obviously a bit alarming in a new phone. Has anyone else experienced it? Do I need to worry?


So far I have no problem.

I think it is a good idea to get into conatct with Fairphone support or your reseller - sorry to say but I guess you received a defectice phone.


Is it happening with special apps?
Maybe some graphic-intense stuff, that the SoC has problems to handle fluently?

Not really. I noticed it a few times while on WhatsApp, so at first thought it might be connected to that app, but then it happened in other occasions, while on the home screen as well, so I don’t think I see a pattern.

This happened only a handful of times mind you.

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This is interesting - it now looks like this happens more when I haven’t used the phone much for a while, and completely disappears when I am using it constantly. Maybe an issue when the battery is colder?

Will monitor it for a few more days before opening a support ticket…