Screen flipping - is this the end of my phone? :(

Hey all,

My phone is flipping. Whatever I am doing, it looks like “somebody” is swiping/touching on my screen (right down side).

EG: When I open instagram: instagram opens my profile (right down icon), then opens the picture down under at the right side, then opens a profile from the third or fourth person who liked that pic, then opens his/her picturen down under right…

When I am doing nothing, it would open the menu (the one that opens when you swipe from one side to the center, in casu the right side), click on browser (right under icon), close browser again, open the menu again…

It scares me. Is this the end of life of my phone?

Have a look at this topic: Buttons pressed randomly. There’s an explanation on how to test your screen and maybe some solutions.


Thanks, I’ll reply on that topic.