Screen flickering and phone switching off without doing anything

Hi all,
Since 2 weeks, I have a FP2, but there are already occuring problems. Sometimes the screen flickers and several times a day the phone turns off without pressing any button. The rare thing is that when I take off the cover, the probem doesn’t occurr any longer…
Is it a hardware problem and is there anything I can do myself? Or should I send it to Fairphone?
Thanks for your answers!

Hi Linus, have you updated your phone to version 1.42 via Fairphone Updater? At least the flickering was a known bug and as far as I know it was fixed with the updates.

Some people have reported that certain problems (like with display) have been resolved by disassembling & reassembling the phone. Please use the forum search, you will find a couple of topics to that issue.
Also, please consider @Jens_Fischer’s advise, as the updates solved a couple of issues.

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HI there,

Did you solve the flickering and switch off problem? I have just received a FP2 and similar problem experienced, any advice? Thanks, Ben

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