Screen flicker with pale reddish stripes

for a few weeks now, my FP2 has sometimes hung up. Recently, the screen has been flickering again and again, initially only when I use it the FP2 when charging. In the meantime, it sometimes becomes quite pale and reddish wider stripes appear on it. The FP2 may have been damaged by charging with a defective power bank. Can someone give me a tip on which module on FP2 I need to replace, or if even a new FP is needed? Thanks in advance!

I have been observing something else for several months. (I don’t know if there is a connection to the problem described above.) Quite often it happens that I want to wake up the (switched on FP2), feel a vibration after pressing the right button, but the screen remains black… I usually only get ahead if I briefly remove the battery and restart the FP2.

It can be the screen, the core module or the connection between both.
Does it change if you press on both sides at the top right part of the phone (where the connector is)?
Maybe you’ve #fairphoneangels near you to try out changing a screen?


Hello,Thank you for the quick reply! Unfortunately, I do not understand the tip “Does it change if you press on both sides at the top right part of the phone (where the connector is)”. Have already tried to check via the maintenance function of the FP2 whether it is on the screen, but there were no abnormalities. The nearest Faiphoneangel is unfortunately 90 km away…

What I meant is that if you deattach the display module you’ll find the connector between display and core module. You may try to clean this part or press on it during the problem to check if it may be a bad connection

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Hello Volker,
Thank you so much!!! I took apart my FP2 this weekend and cleaned the contact between display and core module with isoprobyl alcohol. Since then I can no longer detect any malfunction. It looks like the problem is solved with this. Thanks for the competent tip!!!


Glad to hear Volker’s advice helped :slight_smile: Unfortunately, past experience suggests this problem might return, but let’s hope it won’t.

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