Screen flicker / brightness fluctuation on lowest brightness with speaker/CPU load

I recently had to notice that the screen of the FP3+ sometimes slightly flickers in the lowest brightness setting. It’s very subtle, so I would call it rather a fluctuation.
After experimenting a little, I found out that this is not random but likely caused by fluctuation of the voltage caused by CPU load or the speaker. Typical situations are e.g. the screen going a little darker e.g. while scrolling or seeking in an audio file and a slight flicker when playing music on the speaker or having a handsfree call. (During the latter I first discovered the issue.)
It seems that this effect is decreased but still present when the phone is connected to USB power.
Am I just very sensitive to brightness changes or did someone else also notice this effect?

Very interesting, will keep my eyes open for it :slight_smile: but strange it doesn’t happen more when the battery is under a heavier load as in very bright and the CPU/GPU processing a film/movie/video

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