Screen doesn't awaken/ freezes/ other bugs

I’ve had my FP2 for three years now, and the last weeks I’ve had a particularly frustrating problem with the screen.

  • So the phone is turned on and when the screen dims and then turns off, I sometimes have trouble to awaken it again using the power button. I have found that wiggling the screen relative to the core module helps with it, so it makes me think that there’s some sort of contact issue.
    Visual inspection of the inside of the phone doesn’t show anything strange, though. I use rubbing alcohol on the connections regularly.

  • Sometimes when changing applications the screen freezes and the keyboard stays on the home screen for instance, or when going from portrait to landscape, the screen is “split” and it’s weird.

  • Also I have the white/color noise bug where the whole screen is just colorful pixels. Sometimes with “shearing” artefacts. Sometimes in false (negative?) colors. It works again when I turn off/on the screen.

I am considering getting a spare screen, in case that’s the weak link here. I have to stress that the phone is still normally usable most of the time. It’s worse when the phone overheats.

Did you experience anything like it? What would you do?

Do you have #fairphoneangels nearby to swap screen modules to see if this solves the issue? I think such issues could be linked to broken/breaking core modules, so before buying a new display I would try to test.

Here you can find a kind of interesting from to “repair” the core module…Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2 - #130 by ElKrasso


No fairphone angels, unfortunately. I am thinking the oven trick is complete folly, but there seems to be too much good feedback to dismiss. Let me look into that.

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