Screen displays Ads when the phone is charging!

Hi, i just discovered this today. I have ads appearing on my FP2 screen when the phone is charging.

These ads are on this already annoying lockscreen with time and meteo that appeared after an update, page that is of double use with the default lockscreen. And which prevents me from seeing if i have a SMS or missed call.

Do you have any idea how to get rid of it ? I was very happy to be free of ads and bloatware my phone. I guess it’s all google’s fault.

It might be G%§$e, but I rather think it’s a 3rd party app you installed.
Either get a good AdBlocker or search for which app is the culprit.


The default installation is not showing any weather or ads on the lockscreen. So it does not come from Google, but from a third-party app. Which third-party apps did you install recently? Which apps updated recently (open Google Play Store - menu - My apps and games)? Try to uninstall those apps.

Could you please make a screenshot (power + volume-down) of this ad on the lockscreen? (Please make sure that no personal data is on the screenshot.)



Same problem here, and it was actually a torchlight app that had the ‘useful’ option to display a special screen when the phone is charged. Fortunatlly I was able to disable that in the app settings.

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You don’t really need a torch app. Pull the top bar down on the lockscreen (or pull it down twice while the phone is unlocked) and tap on the torch symbol – you will instantly get light.



Thanks, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that harmless looking apps to strange things, and in my case it was a torchlight app… - not if I need one or not.

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