Screen displaying colorful noise, broken?

Hi folks,

After dropping my FP3 on the floor something seems to have happened to the screen. It is not cracked, but the screen shows some kind of colorful snow most of the time, see picture below.

Every 10th try it seems to display as normal (i.e. the login screen), but the image is still and does not change. From the vibration motor I can deduct that the system still reacts to touchscreen inputs, but does not update the screen content. The backlight dims and goes on and off as it should when hitting the power button.

Does anyone have experience with this? From my layperson’s understanding I would guess on a partially loose screen cable, but I am not sure whether this is the case. Any pointers are welcome.

Edit: Clarifications

Have you tried carefully pressing along the display module margins? Display module and the rest of the phone are held together by screws and plastic clips, and the latter sometimes get loose from shocks like a drop. You will hear the clips clicking back into place when you press the margins if this is the case here.

I also seem to remember a previous topic in this forum where someone described a trick s/he did with the contact areas (inside) between display and core module, but I cannot recall details right now.

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In a double meaning of my words, you are not alone :smiley:: FP3 Display freezes! Display noise issue


Thanks to both of you! I tried pressing along the screen margins and that seems to have done the trick for now.

I’ll disassemble and reconnect the screen to the main module this evening, just in case.


Just reassembled everything, and it seems to have worked! Fingers crossed that it stays that way, but I’m optimistic.

Thanks so much for the pointers :slight_smile:


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