Screen cracked on opening case

I received brand new FP2 yesterday, after two months wait.

The screen cracked (deeply, breaking the display) when I opened the case for the first time.

I have immediately asked for a replacement, but is this a known problem? If so it seems like a major design flaw.

Also, does anyone know how to wipe my personal data from the phone before returning it, now that the screen does not work?

Haven’t heard yet about a breaking display.

If you can still access/boot Android you can do a factory reset (settings --> back & rest), or you could boot into recovery and do it there:
Turn off phone, then press volume up + power at the same time until it vibrates; release buttons and wait. It will boot to recovery, you can wipe data from there.

If your screen doesn’t work at all you’d need to boot into fastboot mode, for that you need a cable and a computer, and you can wipe your data from your computer, this would mean more effort if you aren’t set up yet with fastboot.

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Sorry, I misread at first and moved your post, so now I moved it back here.

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I believe I have had this exact same problem. Removing the case is not possible without putting pressure on the screen.

Sorry but I can’t follow you. How, or where would you put pressure on the screen for removing the back cover?
I just kind of swipe it to the side, put my finger in between and go around the screen. There’s no significant pressure on the screen, i.e.not more than through regular operation or carrying it around. Though, maybe some covers sit tighter?

As shown in this video

I agree, the pressure isn’t significant and definitely should not damage the screen but if it is, it’s because the screen is poorly designed.

Yes, I agree, it would be very bad if the screen breaks from taking the phone apart - for which it is supposed to be designed for.
Anyhow, in so many threads people reported they disassembled and reassembled the phone, yet I can’t recall that outside of this particular thread here I ever read that a screen broke during these procedures, so I don’t have the impression this would be a general problem.

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I only had the phone for a brief period, and it has no been returned for replacement. But I found it very difficult to get the back cover on and off properly, and make the bevel snap around the screen. But that was probably just me getting used to it, and there’s a knack. As there have not been other reports of this, I suspect there was a manufacturing defect in this case.

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I have a similar problem. I did not crack the screen (yet) but I can not manage to open the phone. Exactly at the point 0:27 of the tutorial movie I am not able to disconnect the screen from the rest of the phone after having moved the blue things to the opening position. I stopped before trying it with violence…
Any ideas what the problem might be?

It is a little bit harder the first time, but you’ll find some more info here:


The same for me: I’m afraid to open it, although I try it several times. Normally I’m used to open such things, so this should’t be such a problem – espacially it’s “designed to open”.

In all the videos it always seems to be super easy - that’s more disappointing…