Screen colours have gone pale

Hi. I have been using a Fairphone (2 and now 3) for several years, but I have a new problem since this morning. All was fine last night but this morning, the screen was black and white. I found the control to restore the colour, but the colours are very pale, not at all what they should be. I have tried starting the phone up again, and have even removed and replaced the battery. On this forum (about a FP2), someone mentioned a red-green filter control, but I have not found it in my controls (I use French controls, but can change that if it helps). Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with what is hopefully a simple problem to put right.

Ponder no more (if anyone had)! I finally solved the problem under “Accessibility - Colour correction” (“Accessibilité - correction couleur” in the French menu), but I have no idea how it changed in the first place.


Oh yes we pondered! Glad you found the origin and thanks for the update.
I notice that the Accessibility shortcut, which if active is positioned just to the right of the “Switch apps” square button (if using 3-button navigation), can be configured to turn Colour correction on/off very easily, but I’m assuming you’d know about that if using it. The change may have been made by some app that thinks it can help accessibility :wink:

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Many thanks for your reply!

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