Screen bug on new screen F2

I just bought a new touch screen, (two weeks ago) for my fairphone 2 and there is a bug. The home button is allways activated, I can’t surf around. Also the screen turns black when I use the “phone”. So when I need to make a call and press any bottons (like the answering machin on the cellphone - idk if that is clear) I cant. really anoying.

Hope you can help me

About the black screen while calling: Try calibrating the proximity sensor. There’s an option for that in the settings app.

About the always-pressed home button: Have you tried cleaning the screen connectors? There should also be some touchscreen guide in this forum, if I remember correctly…

It sounds like your proximity sensor always thinks you’re holding the phone against your ear, and that the screen isn’t making proper contact with the motherboard.

First thing to try is take the phone apart again, get some cotton buds and isopropyl alcohol, and clean the screen contacts and the contacts on the motherboard.

And, while it’s apart, you can also see if there’s any dust on the proximity sensor or the little window for it in the screen. And then clean what needs cleaning, of course.

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