Screen brightness randomly limited to only about ~50%

Even if is not a wide spread issue, is an issue reported by several people it seems.
It is also a major problem, at least for me. For example my FP5 is not usable in sunny day as gps with Google map, the screen is too dark

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Yes I understand and would repeat

If not already done so. As its not a wide spread issue everyone facing it need to contact support, else I doubt it will ever be fixed and still might be hardware issue.

I too confirm, with disabled “Display/DC Dimming” problem not occurred…


Indeed, I didn’t get this connection until now. Disabled DC dimming and my first trials look promising. That might also explain why not so many people are affected.

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Had DC dimming enabled, randomly jumping around brightness, making the device unusable outside. Even just laying on my desk the brightness would jump around. Now disabled ‘DC Dimming’, lets see how that goes.

I just looked at my settings and had dc dimming enabled.
Disabled it myself too. I hope it fixes it

No longer constantly jumping around, buttt now I have a new one where sometimes it goes to minimum brightness for no reason. An improvement still, but clearly it still doesn’t really work.

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