Screen brightness not enough in daylight

Hi everyone,

I have a Fairphone 4 with Android 13. When out of the house in bright daylight, I cannot manage to read my screen as it’s far too dark. I saw threads about this, announcing a fix with Android 13 in Oct 2023, but my problem persists.

Any ideas how this could be fixed? Thanks!

Is it really that bug you are facing meaning, brightness is at max you got out in sunlight, first its bright and than after a few minutes its getting darker while the slider stays at 100%?

What is your OS verison installed, you can check under settings about the phone, build number

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Good morning

I have the same problem with my FP4: the brightness is too low outside. My FP 4 is up to date. What is the solution?

Too low is subjevtive, what about my questions above, else helping is difficult

I understand that you write that it is subjective. When I’m outside the screen is too dark for me to read… How can I have proof? I don’t know…I compare my screen to those of others outside.


This topic here was indicating the old bug was not fixed, therefore my questions. If its not the bug and just too dark there isnt much we can do. If its still the bug (I explained the symptoms above) the build number would help. So what is it for you, the old bug?