Screen blinking- display changed and it is worse

I had my screen blinking and distorted images. I couldn’t access my apps, SMS, just receive calls …but I had to be patient because it took a long time for the phone to turn on or the SMS once in a while but nothing was updated.
I read on the community that would be a problem with the display so I decided to change it and now it’s worse. I haven nothing except a black screen and when I try to turn it on it vibes a little bit but nothing appears on the screen. I reopened the phone and closed it but nothing…
Does anybody have any idea that could help me? I bought my FP3 three years ago and until now I loved it,
Thanks in advance

Open your phone.
Check if the display is placed well and every side is clicked into place.
Thighten all the screws.

Hei, thanks for your answer. I did it once more nd now it is better the screen is not black but it is just like before with distorted images and blinking screen, no update on any app…, I can’t use it

What do you mean by “distorted images”? Can you add a video os a photo to better understand your problem?

I guess it’s not the case, but if your screen is blinking like my FP3 “blinked” some months ago in this video, you can see how I solved it in this thread :point_down:

Best of luck!

Thanks I will try that but I can’t send you pictures, that is my only phone for the moment! It is blinking and sometimes the image is “longer” and the screen becomes black with some green colors (like northern lights)…But when I use an app ( I just tried) then it is ok! I can’t understand…

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I just tried with compressed air and it seems to work! Thank you for your help… Let’s keep fingers crossed

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