Screen becoming less responsive over time

Hi. I’m having a really weird issue with my new Fairphone 3+. My touchscreen becomes less and less repsonsive as the day goes on. After a restart, it’s super responsive, no issues at all, but after about 20-24 hours without restart some inputs fail to register, and the ones that register happen slower than they should. The issue is always fixed by simply restarting the phone, but it’s quite annoying.

Is anyone struggling with it to? Any known solutions?

Just a vague guess: You might have an app installed that is “running wild” and consuming a lot or even most of the processor’s power. As a consequence, everything else might be slowed down.


That is possible, however, I had the same exact apps installed on my older phone which with worse specs, so I’m not quite sure that’s what what’s causing the issue.

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Hi Apps on other phones may be different versions so not exactly comparable and interaction could also cause glitches in CPU use etc.

Try disabling all apps for a day etc.

Are you using the default FP OS Android 10 / 0077 ??


Apart from what @amoun said, it is also possible that an app runs into a some kind of loop, i.e. it never winds down again when not actually in use. In other words, an app maybe malfunctioning which it might not do on your older phone (for whatever reason).


Create a backup and try setting it up from scratch. If that doesn’t help then it could be a bad connection to the screen. Clean contacts between the screen and the main board, there’s a series of pins and pads that connect the screen to the rest of the phone.

Another wild guess here: I’m experiencing difficulties with the touchscreen and fingerprint sensor, too, and my feeling is that this is related to the dry air and dry skin in the winter. Maybe you take a shower and lotion in the morning, making the skin thoroughly moist, and in the course of the day it wears off and dries out.

However, if the issue is always resolved through a restart, then there must be something else going on (dry air/skin might still be a factor).

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I have the same experience here. A restart solves the problem for a while.
Most times the touchscreen becomes less responsive in the evening, today it already began about an hour after starting the phone, restarting solved it for now.

I am using a touch-pen. The one I used for years on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5 was not usable on the Fairphone 3, the new one I bought is better but still less responsive as a finger. With the Samsung Galaxy devices there is no difference whether I use a finger or touch-pen. When the Fairphone 3 becomes less responsive this concerns both finger and touch-pen.

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