Screen backlight

My phone fell to the floor. It reacts, the glas is not broken and you can see (if the light falls on the screen in a special angle) the screen itself still works. But it looks alse would be the backlighting is broken. Is there a way to “repair”, except that you change the whole screen module?

Normally, the FP2 doesn’t care about it. It still works like nothing happened.

There is no way to repair a broken backlight in the screen. So, if the backlight is broken, you will need a new screen.

But try if the connectors became loose when the phone fell: Take off the screen and put it back on the phone. Maybe (when the connectors were loose) the screen backlight works again.

Test another thing (if you have another phone available): Put the screen onto another phone and another screen on your phone. Then you can find out if the screen or the main module is broken.

Maybe only the connector is broken. Then it would be repairable, but nobody tried a repair of the connectors yet.


thx for answer

but there is no possibility to test on another fairphone.

do you can explain the contacts on the backside of the screen modul?
can i lay on a plus contact and another contact a small electricity, so i can see is the backlight working?

kann man strom auf 2 kontakte legen so das ich den fehler eingrenzen kann und sehe ob es tatsächlich das backlight ist das kaputt ist?

Schreib lieber den Support an. Wenn du den Bildschirm einschickst, können sie ihn testen und dir sagen, ob der Bildschirm oder das Hauptmodul kaputt ist.

Alternativ kannst du in allen lokalen Community-Threads deines Landes hier im Forum (die im Community-Adressbuch verlinkt sind) fragen, ob sie den Bildschirm als Paket empfangen und testen können. Wenn du Glück hast und eine Community in deiner Nähe ist, kannst du sogar ein persönliches Treffen vereinbaren.

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