Scientific reports on how open source, reliable software impacts hardware longevity

Hi Fairphone Folks and followers, do you have good documents/reports on how your open source software contributes to more durable phones? Software specifically, I find tons of great sources about hardware.
I am writing a report and I want to discuss how the combination of sustainable hardware and software can change the phone industry so I need best available sources :sunny:
Thanks, you are amazing!

I don’t have any report, but I have one example:

The developer of Loyalty Card Keychain stopped developing. It is still alive because I took it over and continued it under the name Catima. This wouldn’t have been possible if not Open Source.

This is one of the main ways Open Source improves durability: even if the original developer quits, it’s not the end of everything.


Thanks, that’s such a great example, and good work on Catima!
I will quote it in my report :slight_smile:

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