Schutzhülle/protective Cover for FP1

Ich suche für das FP1 eine oder zwei Schutzhüllen.
Hat Jemand welche übrig?
Herzlichen Gruß, Silke

Die #fairphoneangels könnten hier evtl. weiter helfen.

I don’t think you can find someone with an spare protector. I usually buy matte/anti-glare protectors from ProtectionFilms24 (Schutzfolien24). It’s a German seller which offer free shipping. At least I can tell Brotect protectors are good quality and fit perfectly in the FP2 screen. I use an Upscreen protector in my e-reader and I can tell it’s pretty good quality too, but I can’t tell if they fit as perfectly as the Brotect ones on the FP2, though I suppose they fit good actually.

Have you already seen this posting?

Don’t know, if this phone is still available, but maybe you could get the covers alone. :wink:
Or you might find something to your liking in this thread:

E.g. Mitch 6 by Feuerwear

If I get it right @silkefph1 is looking for the “rubber”-cover and she for sure has a FP1, that needs protection (even more so, as spare parts are becoming extinct). :wink:
EDIT: adding a :wink: to show, I didn’t mean to hold it against roboe. I initially simply forgot this.

Oooooh, in Spanish, whenever we read or write something mindlessly by error, we say «that little number danced me». Sorry!

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