Scheduled Forum Maintenance - Tuesday July 14th

Dear forum users,
Due to a planned maintenance the forum will be temporarily unavailable on Tuesday July 14th between 2pm and 3pm (GMT+2).
Thanks for your understanding.

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Dear forum users,
The maintenance unfortunately took longer than expected due to technical challenges.
Anyway, as you’ve noticed, everything is back again.
We apologize for the inconvenience and wish a nice day.


Assuming it results from the maintenance, it’s nice to have back the indication of the –––last visit–––
Thanks anyway.

What exactly do you mean? Indications like this one?

Or perhaps this:


Yes, that’s what I meant - the red line separating topics with posts before/after last visit.
Since the server maintenance on the 8th of July it was gone (on FP2, stock OS, Lightning, and on old MacBook, Firefox). Was pleased to see it back again after the 14th.

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