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Yes I don’t understand either. But they said in the presentation that they had upgraded the speaker module. I think you won’t be able to have the old speaker module anymore, and they will only sell new ones, though I’m not sure.
Perhaps @rae could clarify the situation about the speaker module.


An indicator for a different speaker module might be the fact, that the tech-specs are a tad bit different:
Media & audio -> External speaker loudness
FP3: 94db @ 10cm
FP3+: 96db @ 10cm

As the FP3+ is a bit louder, this can hardly be due to more recycled materials. :wink:


Gosh, I am glad that I did not buy the FP3 last week, when I broke my Moto X4. With the new camera modules out now, I would be kind of upset…

Still no FM radio?

But I like the idea to develop different module type versions. Some people might want to pay 200€ for a camera module, others just 20€. Developing new main boards with compatible chip sets is also a good idea. To increase RAM and onboard memory to 128 GB or more is easy. If they sell enough of the 3+, it might be possible that they introduce different versions of the 4, with different component modules of low, mid and high level quaility (speaking of tech specs).


No, it’s not a new phone, after all, but an upgrade.

FM radio is why one of the persons of my family didn’t buy a FP3… I hope a new model eventualy includes that again (FP2 had). Please.

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I would rather listen to the humming in my ears than to a radio with its obnoxious adverts and low effort popular music.

I guess you don’t use a smartphone then, with its omnipresent adverts, invisible trackers and socially accepted fake news. The beauty of choice.


There are rumors that radio stations without adverts and with information content exist. But the content of radio stations shouldn’t be the topic here, I rather think that a potential FP4 won’t have an FM radio, either, as this seems to become more and more unpopular among mobile phones (and their chipsets)…



Some countries (like Norway and soon Switzerland, for example) don’t use FM any more, only ADB. Maybe the market for FM is not that huge right now and/or won’t be in the coming years.

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For my part I’ve downloaded the app of the French public radio channels (Radio France), and it works smoothly… You can even have their podcasts and search for your favorite show… I guess one day most FM radio signals will disappear… Until the big collapse?

Bah humbug! :wink:

…Bah humbug! :smiley:

On that note, even with a smartphone you of course still have a choice whether (and which) social media you use, and which apps you install. Invisible trackers are unfair on smartphone owners (but in some ways also an improvement on visible trackers :joy: ), but ads is something I find I have quite a lot of control over. My personal golden rules are

  • Choose open-source apps over closed source where possible,
  • Get a decent tracking blocker for the browser. I’m okay with ads, but less so with tracking. If you hate both, ad-blockers are the way to go instead,
  • Pay for the apps you use frequently if that gives you the ad-free experience, and
  • Don’t get too lured in to installing every shop’s app just for a free coffee/burger/shower gel every now and again. You pay with your data!

That sums it up quite nicely! I wasn’t quite sure we’re trying to say the same, but: the presence of an FM radio (which in terms of cost is about as minimal as it gets) doesn’t force anyone to use it of course :slight_smile:

… coming back to the original announcement, I think it’s actually quite a nice one. Initially I felt that it didn’t quite live up to the hype they tried to create, but now that I think about it, I feel that the extra steps they take in terms of sustainability and fairness does deserve a platform and lots of attention! The actual phone upgrades are perhaps less exciting to me, but that might be because I don’t TikTok or Instagram… and I’m still on my FP2 with original camera.


Nice typo in a forum about Android phones :slight_smile: There used to be one LG phone I think that had a DAB receiver built in. I personally still have a little Sangean radio supporting DAB, FM and mp3 and even devices in that class are dying out…


90% of the time I use my smartphone to look at the time, since I don’t wear wristwatch. The other 10% I use for calls, youtube(without ads), music player and amazon kindle.

Don’t care who is tracking me. Why would I care? I’m nobody important.

“In a world that doesn’t seem to care, caring is the most radical thing you can do.”


You took my words out of context.

True. Though it is an answer to the general question “Why would I care?”.

Especially knowing we all have right to privacy and don’t want it to be known or exposed.

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If I’m 1 in 7600000000, privacy is my least concern.

Until you have something to hide and discover it’s too late?


For example?
I’m not trying to be an ahole, my point is all of these privacy services like nord vpn, ducduckgo etc. sound like they capitalise on our insecurities. Together they are like a congregation preaching the gospel of privacy.

For example if you search for a certain secret topic on the Internet and then you get ad suggestions about this topic, and someone you don’t want to know you search for this topic sees the ad and guesses you’ve searched for it.

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