Save contacts to sim card

Why cant I type a phone number into my fairphone 4 and save it to the sim card?
Is it because android wants me to back up everything to the cloud so they can know who I know?
Or is it just incompetent developers?

Thats not possible since many years already. No need to use Google, just store locally and back up using vcf file, or use another mail client and back-up e.g. using davx etc…


Pretty close, they don’t care who you are as long as you play their game of numbers in giga bytes.

It works on my samsung j7

I hate these people, their greed and scheming is making technology worse.

I known the feeling but it comes from a state of mind, after all if it wasn’t for the greedy scheming people we would have mobile phones or cars or . . . . food

Farmers growing organic carrots I would not call ‘greedy’ or ‘scheming’. Sugar manufacturers bribing health officials to blame the increase in heart disease on eggs are the kind of people I’m talking about.

When I tried to remove youtube, my phone threatened that Android ‘may no longer function as intended’. I wouldn’t put someone trying to get rich by making a mobile phone in the same bag as whoever came up with that message.

Depends who they are growing them for ~ the filthy rich :slight_smile: and the white middle class ~ I call that unhealthy though soem rabiits may be better off, not that I like rabbits either as I grow organic produce and there are now lots more pesky ‘wild’ animals exploting me.

Yes I have youtube and government warnings about my lifestyle and how my willingness not to confrom may cause me future problems.

People are animals and insecure so they exploit what and who they can, that’s the wild part of us all.

Please @louis_1 and @amoun can you go back to the original topic.

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